About Us

BoviNews is an information resource designed so dairy and beef producers can have access to leading industry experts on topics important to the success of their operations.

Webinars are posted every-other Wednesday, led by our moderator Kim Bremmer, a leading agriculture advocate. In addition to the webinars, informative articles and podcasts are created from the webinar content that delve into specific topics in greater detail, giving producers deeper insight on relevant topics.

Add to it daily information updates on Facebook and Instagram and BoviNews delivers bovine news, now.

Kim Bremmer

Meet Our Host

Kim Bremmer of Wisconsin is a mother of two, a graduate of University of Wisconsin-Madison, and was a dairy nutrition consultant for almost 15 years. She has been advocating for farmers as a professional speaker since 2015, traveling across the country, as well as internationally.

She is the Executive Director of Venture Dairy Cooperative, President of Wisconsin Women for Agriculture, Secretary of American Agri-Women, a regular contributor on Rural Route Radio and serves on the Executive Advisory Council for the American Dairy Coalition. She is a vocal champion of agriculture everywhere she goes – from the grocery store to the airport, Kim is always telling the Ag story!